Let’s be honest! Sport has never been my favourite activity. Ok, I was good at individual disciplines like running, gymnastic but never at team sports. I remember to play volleyball twice in my life and both times I broke something (thumb and hand). What a bad luck! I did not feel like sport girl and I was fine with this. Most of my life I thought that my body did not need improvement. In my opinion I looked perfect and my health was perfectly fine. When I was teenager I was so skinny and all exercises seemed to be too easy to me. I had never thought about muscles building or healthy diet. I was really flexible and able to do whatever I wanted with my body. Sometimes we think that if something is working well – it will stay forever! Unfortunately it does not work this way! As soon as I started Uni,  delicious and healthy dinners prepared by grandma were replaced with quick pasta dishes, burgers or pizza. Instead of fruit juice I had 7up. I got driving license and started use my car more often. My every day routine changed. And it was the time when I noticed that my body is not like my body anymore. We all changes through our life. 

Did I do anything about it that time? No, I just accepted my new body and life style. 

When I came to Australia in 2013 my eyes opened. I noticed how many people take care of their health, body/figure, they play different sports or do walking / jogging / running. I saw all those flexible girls on the beach doing yoga poses or full split with no issue. And was only dreaming, that one day it will be me! My husband quickly found his favourite – kitesurfing. I was only walking, trying to come back to my running routine from Secondary School but it was hard. As, I said, milion excuses: work, school, dinner, cleaning, friends.

It took me couple years to decide to start with gym exercises. Why I decided to attend gym and not do other sport instead, even if I had never before experience with all those heavy stuff? Muscles building. Of course, I did not want to look like muscular body builder. I just wanted to come back to my figure and make it even more perfect. Perfection for me means more muscles visible then fat. I did not think about 6pack. I just wanted to feel better and make sure that my muscles will not disappear completely one day before I die. It was a time when we both, with my husband, decided to completely take care of our health and we did it for more than 2 years. It was not only gym but also diet and life style. We had a good friends and it was much easier to motivate each other. In a meantime I did stretching, do IF method and some cardio too. 

Don’t remember now what stopped us to continue our routines. I tried different sports like pole dance, Zumba or pilates and could not find anything what could make me happy to continue. And diet? O No! I used to eat Hungry Jack’s about 4-5 days per week. I know – it was sick! And I know that I am addicted to it. Still trying to control myself as much as I can. 

Champions are not the ones who always win races – champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. ‘Champion’ is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes. 

Simon Sinek

When we tried to come back to our gym routine I did fell down on my back when roller skating. And this is how my adventure with sport ended… or maybe started? It took me several month to recover from Bulged Disc L5-S1 and Lower Back Pain with Sciatica. I only could do some light exercises and it was long term treatment. I visited physio several times and then started do exercises at home. O yes! Big mistake! I did yoga and stretch as I should not. It seemed to be ok to me but obviously, it wasn’t. Maybe I was able to reduce the pain but as a result I completely hurt my posture. Oh.. I could say much more about this but there is no point. Shortly after I got pregnant (with back pain) I was lucky enough to have my sister with me who is physio. She come to visit us and helped a lot with my back. As soon as I delivered and everything seemed to be right with my muscles and body, she took care of me. I am so grateful for this. We started with muscle relaxation and slowly introduced light exercises. Now, 6 months after delivery I am able to start again my adventure with weights lifting. Of course, slowly – step by step! I will present my exercises plan another day. 

I have also started healthy diet – not any special diet – just added more vegges, proteins and fish; also reduced white bread, snacks and soft drinks! I stopped with junk food. And looks like my weight is going down, my body fat is visibly reduced and I fell more comfortable to buy a new bikini! What helped me a lot was a DETOX plan and 30 Days Healthy Eating Program. https://www.arbonne.com/pws/GosiaOlszak/tabs/about-me.aspx

What did I learn? 

I should not overestimate my possibilities! and you shouldn’t too! Give someone else a chance to help you! You may be perfect in what you doing or just think that you are but remember that all successful people have their coaches! It may be hard. For me it was especially when my younger sister was telling me how to take care of my own body and what was better for me, but yes! She was right and I am glad I finally understood this! My positive thinking and vision board ware not enough! Action – that is what need to be done!

If you want to achieve more – you need to trust people!

To find more information about me visit page http://molszak.com/about-me/

Seek out a personal coach or mentor. He/she should push you when you need it by encouraging and motivating you. Don’t be afraid of their honesty. 

Cathy Engelbert

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