O Yes! Its this time of the year when all photographers woke up early morning to find the best “untouched” spot for Jacaranda photo!

The jacaranda—Jacaranda mimosifolia—is a large tree which is native to Brazil and which commonly grows throughout the southern United States, Australia, and in many other warm, humid climates.

Jacarandas are perhaps best known for producing a beautiful display of bright purple or blue flowers in the spring.
Many Australians do not realize the jacaranda is not a native tree because, especially in Sydney, jacaranda trees grow in abundance along city streets.

The season runs from mid-October, and peaks in mid-November as summer really starts to roll in.
Many of Perth’s older ‘burbs are lined with Jacaranda trees – some of the best are in Applecross and Mount Pleasant near Canning Highway, Subiaco, Nedlands and Peppermint Grove in the western suburbs and Mount Lawley and Inglewood, just north of Perth City; Burswood and Victoria Park just east of the city.

All my photos where taken in Pearsall, Hyde Park, North Perth.

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