Hi girls,

πŸ“’ FREE PHOTO SESSION available now! πŸ“·

I am looking for 3 ladies who are really passionate 

for any sport or activity and want to be a model.


Does not matter what you do! It can be weights lifting, yoga, 

pole dance, jogging, boxing… or any other! 

Photos will be used for my “motivational quotes” project 

for my new website (http://molszak.com) and you can find 

more about me here: http://molszak.com/about-me-2 – still 

working on it so not everythign is ready yet! 

If you are interested – please, PM for more details 

or comment below πŸ™‚ – I am looking forward to work with you!!

*What you getting:

1.Up to 10 edited and retouch digital photos for FREE 
2.Can share photos on social media
3.Recognition in my project and website!


1.Number of spots are limited to 3 only
2.As the project need to be finalised before end of the year, 
photos have to be taken in November
3.Location may differ and depends on your activity
4.Photographer: Shotlife Photography 

***Shotlife Photography – requirements: 

1.Social Media and website publication permission signed
2.Review / recommedation after session on Facebook 
3.Make up organised by yourself

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