Who I am?

Firstly and most importantly, I can proudly say, I am a mum of my beautiful baby boy!. I have lots of passions and hobbies and one special wish: To turn my day into 48 hours! I know, hardly possible. That is a wish. Who knows, maybe one day, with my motivation I will be able to get twice as much done as I do now. I always believe that everything can happen and all depends on your mindset. 

Everything I do is part of my passion. I do the things I like to do. It’s sort of a bigger version of having more than one hobby. I love photography and I love to be a model. I love traveling, exploring new gems and taking videos on the road. Just wonder how it will look with our little one. From the other hand, I can not wait for him to join me for sunrises!

Photography and videography are my hobbies. Both give me so many possibilities to express myself in a creative way. Photography adds so much value to my live, by recording places, events and moments I can share my life and experiences in more meaningful way. I truly love the moment of capturing a wonderful shot when everything just comes together, and you can capture a beautiful part of the world. I love to wake up at night and together with all stars around wait for a day to begin! 

I also strongly believe it is important to discover what makes you happy as a person. If you want to live a happy life, then you have to do what makes you feel alive.  Once you know what makes you tick then it is also equally important to take actions, to be courageous and to always follow your soul’s calling, whatever it might be.

I am a self-motivated person who always strive for the better results in all aspects of my life. And this is why I created this website – to motivate myself. As far as I remember, I always have a blog or personal website. Sometimes it was about me or my adventures, sometimes about my products. Yes, I used to sell jewelry and other handmade products. I also, back to Poland, was cosmetic consultant and sale person. It was long time ago but this is my history. Where I am now?

Where I am now?

Answering this question, I could say… on the beginning of my new road. However, that is not true. My adventure started when I was 26 and arrived to Australia. O, Yes! I started from nothing (ok, maybe not exactly – but it was extremely hard), and here I am, after 6 years, waiting for Citizenship Ceremony to make Australian Citizenship Pledge. I am so proud of myself. And think, everyone should be proud of their bigger or smaller achievements. I live 15 km away from the ocean. Can you imagine that? I have never thought or dreamt about this before. It just came to me as a part of my other dreams. Life is funny. You have to be careful what you ask the Universe for. Dreams come true and that is not a joke. All your wishes have to be described really well if you want your desire happen in some magical way. 

So… I am here! Western Australia is my place on the Earth… and right now, I am starting a new chapter of my adventure. Every day I love my life even more. Why is that? Because every day I consciously try to improve my life. Of course, you can ask, what does it mean consciously? No secrets. Here is the answer. I consider 5 aspects of life. If you aim to become a better person day by day, remember there is always something to improve. All those 5 aspect have to be optimise so my life consist all of them. 

At this stage of my life I feel like all my wishes from the past turned into everyday routine and now is time for a new ones. Ok, there are couple unfulfilled dream which I need to rewrite. What I am planning, is to create my new vision board and set all my goals for the rest of this amazing 2019 and New 2020 Year! All my goals have to be organised on the base of 5 most important aspects of my life. 

Those aspects are: 

  1. career – Read more about career and work 
  2. health/body – Find out about heath and wellness motivation 
  3. personal development – How to improve your personal development 
  4. relationships  – Discover how to heal relationships with others  
  5. spiritual – My favourite! – Learn about relationship with the greater power 

So, as I mentioned before, this website is my motivation. It was created some time ago in Poland but, because of thousand excuses I did not use it frequently. Recently, I decide to upload all my old post from previous blogs and here we are! My history is with me from July 2011. Coming back to my old post you can see how much I love to write and learn. It helps me to keep my mind full of new ideas and develop them into my life. This website is about all of those aspects and my progresses. 

What else you can find on this website? 

Everyday motivation/inspiration quotes/posts, beautiful photos/videos from around Western Australia! And of course, as I am Polish, my little polish corner will be here too! You can find here variety of healthy recipes: smoothies, dishes. But also my traditional Polish food recipes, drinks and habits. 

Now I can wish myself great success with writing and you – good reading !

Bonne Lecture 🙂